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Commercial & Web Design Photography

Quality photos to visually represent your product and/or business, with attention to Image Quality.

Sharp Photos with good color balance, contrast, focus and clarity.

Composition and Point of View, to enhance your visual image. Select the visual presentation to your customer of your business, products and or/services.

Artistic Presentation - Photography that clearly depicts your business or products. Graphic styles as Framing, Drop Shadows, Bevels etc., to make your images stand out.

Unique Style or Graphics - Graphics and/or graphic elements that showcase your business, design and esthetic style.

If Your Business is Unique, then Your Web Site should  be unique with personal touches that “highlight” your unique business. Why settle for a “Cookie Cutter” style template web site, that looks like everyone else’s?
Dr. Jansen's Lab
      Dr. Curtis E. Jansen, Prosthodontist, has a beautiful state of the art Dental Lab with skilled technicians who make many of the dental appliances “in house.”  The lab is unique to most dental offices in the area. Dr. Jansen (back) and his Technicians bring unique quality care to his patients.
Quality Photography Does Make a Difference!
Is your First Impression your only Impression? When a client or customer comes to your site, you want to make a good and lasting first impression. Quality Photography does make a visual and obvious impression on your client or customer. Quality and professionalism reflects on your philosophy of doing business. Just any old snapshot, poorly prepared, or do you want your client or customer to know “that you are in business and you mean business?”
poor image sample.jpg
Quality Photography Does Make a Difference!
Which photo will present your product, business or service best?
Just any snapshot or a quality image?
in-the-wind, sculpture.jpg
      A bevel edge and drop shadow helps this image float above the background. On the site the image also acts as a link button to a larger image for viewing the image in greater detail. A part of the photographic challenge is to show the contours of this limited edition sculpture that needs 3-D modeling and lighting to show it’s form and gracefulness. It is #10 of only 40 and is on display and for sale at Woodies of Carmel.
Shirt wall - Woodies of Carmel.jpg
     Custom Framing of the images for Woodies of Carmel, helps carry out the theme of the Hawaiian Shirts and Island Style of many of their items. Graphically devised bamboo was created to custom make miter-cornered frames to match Woodies’ interior Bamboo Decor Accents.
Model Cars - Woodies of Carmel
     Custom framing of the images helps carry out the theme Automobilia and Automotive Motif Style of many of their items. For the automobilia motif photos a “black chrome” style helps unify the automotive theme images and blends with the “chrome and shine” images.
      Each of these graphic designs use the type of graphic style associated with the Automobilia and the Automotive Motif of the web site for Woodies of Carmel. The flames on the “Win a Pedal Car” are very similar to the paint scheme of the prize pedal car. It helps re-enforce the automotive style and theme, and compliments the unique theme of the business. Wood grain, brass finish type, diamond plate, flaming navigation button, each contributes to the theme.
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